Gerhard Nel
Gerhard Nel

My search for real life and moments combined with an artistic and sensitive eye result in images that touch hearts and lives.
We do not remember days, we remember moments. - Cesare Pavese

I love stories. Stories of love and life. The ways of love bring out beauty in people and lovers. It triggers me and make me happy as an artist to capture the beauty of that. Sharing the beauty of love and life is my goal. The beauty, love and fun of your wedding day combined with my desire and ability to create a visual heritage that will touches hearts and lives now and many years down the line. Creating a library with memories.

I was born and raised in the warmness and beauty of South Africa. The Rainbow Nation shaped the way I see life, live life and share life. The artist in me wants to share.

"Het Nederlandse taal is geen enkel probleem voor mij. Op bruiloften praat ik graag ABN - Afrikaans Bijna Nederlands. Ik ben getrouwd met een Nederlandse vrouw en wij hebben samen 3 kinderen."

My search for real life and moments combined with an artistic and sensitive eye result in images that touch hearts and lives. It was a great privilege for me travelling to more than 50 countries and I love different cultures accepting destination weddings worldwide.

Destination Weddings brought me to Winter in Finland, Summer in South Africa, Pine Cliffs in Portugal (golf included), Mountains of Switzerland, a must see Castle in France, Folklore in Norway, Sicilian food and Italian hospitality and some other great places.

The Photojournalism style is the way I approach weddings. Silently and sensitively observing and shooting beautiful moments, laughter and tears, funny kids and the many different aspects and emotions of your wedding day. What my eyes see touches my heart and brings my photography passion in action, capturing your wedding story as it unfolds.

The awards underneath is a testimony unto so many wedding couples, real people in love, who prepared and arranged beautiful wedding days and enjoyed it passionately. My part was only to capture the beauty and reality thereof.

Awards and Accolades


Bruidsfoto Awards (Bruid en Bruidegom)
2014 - 3x Awards
2013 - 2x Awards

Dutch Masters Awards
2014 - 1x Award


WPJA (Wedding Photojournalism Association)


2014 - 14 Awards (with a 1st place in Kids being kids)
2013 - 10 Awards (with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place)
2012 - 8 Awards (Ranked 10th TOP WPJA PHOTOGRAPHERS)

Fearless Photographers

2014 - 6 Awards (on 6th of Nov 2014 - Among the Top 20 Fearless Photographers)
2013 - 9 Awards (Among the Top 50 Fearless Photographers Worldwide)

ISPWP (International Society for Portrait and Wedding Photographers)

2012 - 2014 - 18 Awards